PREDATOR order management system, or OMS, is a software-based platform that facilitates and manages the buy and sell orders for all existing financial instrument types, traded on different markets and in various currencies, order routing and execution.

The PREDATOR software allows firms to input orders to the system for routing to the pre-established destinations. When an order is executed, the OMS updates its database and sends an execution report to the order's originating system or person. PREDATOR OMS allows access to information on orders entered into the system, including detail on all open orders and on previously completed orders. Every PREDATOR operation is in real-time.

Our OMS offers also direct market access (DMA) or straight through processing (STP).

    Key Features
  • Supports all elements of  sell-side trading desk workflow
  • Adapted for equities, fixed income, listed and OTC derivatives, money markets and FX
  • Allow organization of lists using dynamic filters, fully customisable by the user
  • Offers consolidated view of trading activity, EDA, DMA and algorithmic trading
  • Provides a broad range of advanced execution tools, import/export capabilities
  • Smart Order Routing, Program Trading, Position keeping, Internal Matching Engine from a single screen
  • Fully STP solution
  • Comprehensive risk control and audit trail of the trading process

Predator Sell-Side