PREDATOR – The Fatal Weapon, combined with a global, real-time data feed, is the solution for traders to gain overview and crucial information on market depth. Bid/ask from over 200 electronic exchanges worldwide.

Traders check all the prices for their order book and the best quotes for a single security from different market places, at a glance, on one single working tool.

The importance of market depth:

  • Aggregate a fragmented market
  • Reduce market impact
  • Condition for ‘best execution’
  • Guide for best suited execution strategy

The benchmark for traders, best execution, gets more and more complicated to achieve in the post-MiFID (or RegNMS) environment.

Today, with the rapid development of strategy trading, traders must be able to deal with multiple price types from multiple sources to trade multiple instruments.

Many buy-side traders who work exclusively through broker networks do not get this type of data and thus are forced to procure it elsewhere, on a standalone terminal for instance. This is only a suboptimal solution, as traders need a complete working tool, where they get all crucial information in a concentrated fashion. Moreover, they are constantly trying to gain time and therefore appreciate in particular a comfortable solution, like an instant market overview or detailed market depth of the instrument at the moment the trade is initiated.

PREDATOR, with its context sensitive approach, guarantees exactly this and allows the trader to dispose of the most comprehensive global market depth coverage of securities on an international scale.

PREDATOR integrates real-time data from the connected markets with datafeeds from various vendors (Bloomber, Thomson-Reuters, SIX Financial Information, etc.) used for trading information like market overview, market depth, news tickers, etc.